Shoulder Eye Bolts – Grade C1030

Forged carbon steel, self coloured proof tested in accordance with ASTM A489.

** WARNING: Working Load Limit Is Based On Straight Pull Loads. Angle Of 45º Reduces Working Load Limit To 25% Of Value. **


Parts List

Shoulder Eye Bolts - Grade C1030
Product #
Thread Size
Shank Length
I.D. Eye
O.D. Eye
Overall Length
Center of Eye
To Shoulder
Safe Working Load Limit
56708PL1/4-201”3/4”1-3/16”2-3/8”3/4”650 lbs
56723PL3/8-161-1/4”1”1-11/16”3-9/32”1-1/8”1550 lbs
56725PL1/2-131-1/2”1-3/16”2-1/8”3-31/32”1-3/8”2600 lbs
56727PL5/8-111-3/4”1-3/8”2-9/16”4-3/4”1-21/32”5200 lbs
56728PL3/4-102”1-1/2”2-13/16”5-1/4”1-13/16”7200 lbs
56732PL1-82-1/2”1-13/16”3-9/16”6-5/8”2-5/16”13300 lbs
56736PL1-1/8-72-3/4”2”4-1/16”7-17/32”2-11/16”17000 lbs