Shaveable Head Blind Rivets


Aluminum rivet body with aluminum stem is designed for use in applications where a ‘solid bucked’ head profile is desired such as commonly used in truck/trailer body panel repairs.

The moisture resistant shaveable protruding crown domed head has an applied sealant and allows one sided fastener placement and its large footprint provides a positive clamp-up of elongated or otherwise enlarged holes.

Fastener is placed with standard blind rivet tooling.

The installed fastener stem is designed to break high leaving an exposed stem extension above the fastener head which will be nipped off.

The rivet head is then shaved with Product # 497609 Rivet Head Shaver drill mounted tool which will leave a finished rivet head profile matching a solid buck rivet profile.

Parts List

Product #Fastener
Body Dia.
Head OD
Under Head
Typical Ultimate Strengths
Shear (lbs)Tensile (lbs)
SHRV68ALX3/16”.050 - .500.450”1.01”# 4675450
SHRV88ALX1/4”.050 - .500.450”1.065”1/4”1100675