QUIKBOND Panel Patch Systems

Product # V1224WH – White Aluminum 12” x 24”
Product # V1248WH – White Aluminum 12” x 48”
Product # VF1224T – Translucent Polycarbonate 12” x 24” (subject to availability)



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QUIKBOND Panel Patch Systems

QUIKBOND self-adhesive cosmetic repair panels will provide a permanent weatherized exterior or interior cosmetic panel patch when correctly applied to suitably prepared surface skins of aluminum, steel, FRP, smooth fiberglass, and many plastics.

Applications include: Semi-Trailers and Truck Bodies, Cargo Containers, Travel & RV Motorhomes and Trailers, Signs, and Metal Building Walls.

QUIKBOND Patch Panels Look Good, are Permanent, and Quick to Apply

When using QUIKBOND, traditional fastening methods such as rivets, screws, caulking, and tape become obsolete. QUIKBOND is backed with a peel and stick, specific 3-M high bond tape system which has been selected for its specific bond strength and longevity making it your best patch panel choice for spot repairs and regular maintenance. When applied as per recommended application procedures, the bond strength is nearly 80 lbs per square inch on contact which allows for immediate in service use of the equipment as applied.

Note that QUIKBOND is not intended as a structural repair and will not add structural integrity to the component as applied. Aluminum patch panels conform to almost any surface shape including flats, bends, and rivet heads and can be painted to match using normal paint preparation methods.

QUIKBOND is produced in Canada!

QUIKBOND is available in convenient sheet sizes of 12” x 24” and 12” x 48” in Pre-coated White Aluminum.

Packaged in master packs of 10 sheets per size and includes application instructions to allow for easy stocking as flat packs take up little shelf space.