Structural Break Stem Fasteners

Structural blind fasteners provide high strength, wide grip ranges and excellent clamp up force where load-bearing, structural joint fixation is required. Most structural blind fasteners feature a mechanically locked stem which provides strong, vibration resistant joints with higher shear values.

Available in a variety of diameters, materials and head profiles.


Multi-grip structural breakstem fastener with sealed joint and visible lock.

** Specific Tool Nosetip Required For Installation **


Multi-grip structural breakstem fastener with sealed joint and mechanically locked stem.

** Utilizes Standard Blind Rivet Tool Nosetip For Installation **


Structural rivet with splitting “T” tail formation back onto the work surface when set. Fastener offers high clamp-up, shear and tensile strengths and may be used in a wide range of materials including wood to metal applications.


High strength with large blind side bearing footprint which allows use with thin sheet or brittle materials. Splines stem provides a positive interface lock with flush to head surface break.

** Values For Strengths Are A Guide Only & Vary Significantly Upon Specific Applications **


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