Ratchet Straps, Winch Straps, Load Binders & Accessories

Winch Straps
Pomar features strap products and fittings from Pacific Cargo Control and are offered in 2”, 3” and 4” webbing widths. All straps are constructed of the highest quality, strength tested, resin-coated polyester with heat seared ends to prevent fraying. All PCC strap products meet or exceed DOT and CHP regulations and are labelled to meet DOT and TC regulations, CVSA guidelines, WSTDA recommended standard specifications, CHP regulations and the FMCA’s N. America Cargo Securement Standards, effective December 26, 2002. Pomar stocks winch straps in 30 foot standard lengths. Other lengths are available upon request and may require minimum order quantities.

Flatbed Ratchet Straps
Flatbed ratchet straps, as produced by Pacific Cargo Control, meet the same specifications as winch straps featured elsewhere. Custom sizes may be produced to order. Minimum order quantities may apply.

Interior Van Products
Logistic straps feature 2” wide webbing and are available in lengths of 12 Feet (Yellow), 16 Feet (Black) and 20 Feet (Blue). Both ratchet type and cam buckle type are available. Should you not see what you require please contact the Pomar sales department who will be glad to assist you.

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