Flex-Weld 15 Non-Sag Modified Epoxy Adhesive

Product # 15FWNS – Grey
Product # 15FWTIP – Flex-Weld Mixing Tip
Product # 15CG – Flex-Weld Dual Cartridge Applicator Gun – Not Shown


Manus-Bond Flex-Weld 15 Non-Sag, two component cartridge, epoxy adhesive is an all purpose high tensile strength adhesive.

Will support vertical beads up to ½” and superior adhesion to substrates including composites, FRP, concrete, wood and most metals without the use of a primer when surfaces are clean, dry and free of any contaminates.

Two part 1:1 by volume mix ratio when using the 15FWTIP mixing tip. Dispensed mixed material color: Gray

Tensile Strength: 825 PSI, Work Time: 15 Minutes, Open Time (Maximum): 25 Minutes.

Unopened product has a shelf life of six months from date of manufacture and must be stored between 65° F and 80° F. Cold and Heat sensitive material.

Supplied in 400 ML dual cartridge requiring use of separately sold mixing tip and dual cartridge application gun.