Braided Flexible Semi-Rigid Wrappable Split Tube

Flexo F6 lateral split tubing provides east cost effective installation.

More flexible than convoluted loom or spiral wraps, suitable for high vibration applications, 25% edge overlap, cut and abrasion resistant, retains shape and rigidity throughout usable temperature range of -75ºC to 125ºC (-103ºF to 257ºF).

Melt point 230ºC (446ºF).

The 10 mil pet braid is lightweight, quiet and flexible.

Stocked in black but also available in orange and clear/white on special order.

Parts List

Product #Nominal SizeWall ThicknessLength
720XXBK1/8”.024”100 FT Shop Spool
720BULK1/8”.024”400 FT Bulk Spool
721XXBK1/4”.025”100 FT Shop Spool
721BULK1/4”.025”200 FT Bulk Spool
722XXBK1/2”.025”75 FT Shop Spool
722BULK1/2”.025”150 FT Bulk Spool
723XXBK3/4”.025”50 FT Shop Spool
723BULK3/4”.025”100 FT Bulk Spool
724XXBK1”.038”50 FT Shop Spool
724BULK1”.038”100 FT Bulk Spool
725XXBK1-1/2”.038”25 FT Shop Spool
725BULK1-1/2”.038”75 FT Bulk Spool
726XXBK2”.038”25 FT Shop Spool
726BULK2”.038”75 FT Bulk Spool