Bonding Tapes


64-A series polysul-grip bonding tapes are 100% solid preformed synthetic polymer based adhesive tape which provides excellent adhesion to aluminum, glass, galvanized steel and many other porous and non-porous surfaces. Remains permanently flexible even at low temperatures. Ideal for truck/trailer roofs, window glazing, etc. Other sizes available, minimum order quantities may apply.

Product #ColourThicknessWidthLengthCase Quantity
64A05GYGrey1/16“1/2”100 FT Roll1600 FT
64A06GYGrey1/16“3/4”100 FT Roll1600 FT
64A12GYGrey1/8“5/8”65 FT Roll1040 FT
64A14GYGrey1/8“3/4”60 FT Roll960 FT
64AX1GYGrey1/8“1”65 FT Roll780 FT
64A18BKBlack1/8“3/8”65 FT Roll1040 FT
64A12BKBlack1/8“5/8”65 FT Roll1040 FT