6216 Series Closed Cell Soft Black Neoprene

Permanent self adhesive backed closed cell neoprene rubber gasket seal combines excellent conformability, flexibility, and compression on a multitude of applications. Features low liquid absorption and is resistant to many chemicals.

** Custom Die Cut Shapes & Adhesive Options Are Offered With Minimum Order Quantities. Please Contact The Pomar Sales Department With Your Requirements. **


Parts List

  • Roll & Case quantities are subject to change without notice.
  • Additional sizes are available upon request. Minimum order quantities may apply.
6216 Series Closed Cell Soft Black Neoprene
Product #ThicknessWidthLengthCase Qty
60637BK1/16”3/8”100 FT Roll4,000 FT
60650BK1/16”1/2”100 FT Roll3,000 FT
60675BK1/16”3/4”100 FT Roll2,000 FT
60610BK1/16”1”100 FT Roll1,500 FT
60620BK1/16”2”100 FT Roll700 FT
61225BK1/8”1/4”50 FT Roll1,250 FT
61237BK1/8”3/8”50 FT Roll900 FT
61250BK1/8”1/2”60 FT Roll1,800 FT
61262BK1/8”5/8”60 FT Roll540 FT
61275BK1/8”3/4”60 FT Roll1,200 FT
61210BK1/8”1”60 FT Roll1,380 FT
61215BK1/8”1-1/2”60 FT Roll600 FT
61850BK3/16”1/2”40 FT Roll1,200 FT
61875BK3/16”3/4”40 FT Roll1,600 FT
61810BK3/16”1”40 FT Roll600 FT
62575BK1/4”3/4”50 FT Roll1,300 FT
62510BK1/4”1”50 FT Roll900 FT
625125BK1/4”1-1/4”50 FT Roll450 FT
62515BK1/4”1-1/2”35 FT Roll350 FT
62550BK1/4”1/2”35 FT Roll1,120 FT
65050BK1/2”1/2”25 FT Roll450 FT
65010BK1/2”1”25 FT Roll250 FT
63750BK3/8”1/2”20 FT Roll600 FT
63775BK3/8”3/4”20 FT Roll400 FT
63710BK3/8”1”20 FT Roll300 FT
65075BK1/2”3/4”15 FT Roll300 FT
65015BK1/2”1-1/2”15 FT Roll195 FT
66275BK5/8”3/4”12.5 FT Roll250 FT
66210BK5/8”1”12.5 FT Roll187.5 FT
66215BK5/8”1-1/2”12.5 FT Roll125 FT
67575BK3/4”3/4”12.5 FT Roll250 FT
67510BK3/4”1”12.5 FT Roll200 FT
61010BK1”1”12.5 FT Roll225 FT
61020BK1”2”12.5 FT Roll112.5 FT