450 Series – Two Stage Rotary Latch

Product # 4501LZN
LH Single Hole Actuator Latch

Product # 4501RZN
RH Single Hole Actuator Latch

Product # 4502LZN
LH Two Hole Actuator Latch

Product # 4502RZN
RH Two Hole Actuator Latch


450 series two stage rotary latch provides a primary and secondary latch function. Available with either single or two hole actuators. LH or RH configured. Meets FMVSS 206 specifications when used with 450-50 striker bolt sold separately.

Zinc plated latch housing.

Striker Bolt Assembly:

Special headed plated striker bolt with integral cupped washer specific for 450 series rotary latch. 7/16-14 Thread
Product # 45050ZN