1101-D General Purpose Butyl Sealant

Product # 1101DGY – Grey
Product # 1101DBK – Black
Product # 1101DWH – White


Fast skinning solvent release “Nuflex” butyl rubber gutter sealant bonds well to clean, dry and grease and oil free surfaces of most metals, wood, glass, painted surfaces and masonry.

Use to seal panel joints, gutter downspouts, under metal thresholds and exposed exterior joints.

Stays flexible to -30° C.

Contains 80% solids and will seal joints up to .25” wide without backer rod support.

Tack free in two hours and can be painted after a seven day cure.

Clean-up with mineral spirits.

Packed and sold in full cases of 12 x 10.1 Fluid Ounce/300 ML spouted cartridges