106 Series Two Point Slam Action Latch With Inside Release Override Feature

Product # 106F6ZN – Zinc Plated


All steel medium duty lock kit features flush tapered end bolts, 3/8” diameter x 36” round rods and flat style inside override handle.

Center control utilizes special split cam feature to allow opening from inside even when exterior handle is in locked position. Accepts any exterior handle with 5/16” square shank.

Component Parts:

Product # C106XZN – Center Control
Product # IH106ZN – Inside Override Handle
Product # B114FZN – Flush Tapered Slam Bolt
Product # R1146ZN – Rod 36” Length – Slot Hole

** Not Intended For Passenger Compartment Applications **

** Please Refer To Technical Drawing For 105 Series Lock For Dimensions Of Center Control **